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Cellular Access Control for Residences

Access control and security are of increasing importance for residences, from second and weekend homes to farms and ranches. Probably the most significant demand for access to any residential building is from the service industry. Service personnel, from the pool man to the lawn care crew, from the air conditioning man to the appliance repair technician, are a part of our daily lives, whether we like it or not. As a result, electronic gates have gained popularity as a tool to control access to property. The traditional solution is to use a keypad that has a factory programmed access code, such as "0000", that is rarely changed by the owner and is given to everyone needing access to the property. Not only does this not provide effective security, but there is no accountability of those going and coming or when.

With CelAccess products installed, all it takes is the click of a mouse to provide each visitor (service personnel and guests alike) with a unique access code. Each code can be limited by date range, day of week and/or time of day, even by the number of uses. Or it can be unlimited. Each time CelAccess is used to enter or leave the property, a detailed record is created including the ID of the gate or door opened, time/date, access code, and the caller ID of any phone used. If set up to do so, the CelAccess e-alert feature can send the property owner an immediate email notification each time the property is accessed.

Example: A CelAccess customer had a country house two hours drive from his home. He was often allowing family and friends to use the house. In addition, he needed to allow companies access for various maintenance and repair work. Previously the owner used combination locks on chains. However, he experienced several break ins where the chains were cut with bolt cutters, proving he had no real security at all. He installed a solar powered electronic heavy-duty gate equipped with CelAccess. Having configured the system to send email notifications to his Blackberry each time the gate is opened, the customer now knows who is there and when. Not only has the customer not experienced any more break-ins, he now also knows whether the pest control company is actually showing up once a month to spray for bugs.


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